Organ culture

Sponsorship of organ building and organ culture

In the following, the word «organ» refers to the traditional pipe organ. The focus of the foundation is aimed only at organs with superior qualities.

The foundation supports projects which create better conditions or remove obstacles in order that new organs can be built and old ones be restored continuously. All services of the foundation are also intended indirectly to publicise organ culture.

The following projects are primarily considered eligible:

Projects in connection with organ building
  • Sponsorship of research and development in the realm of traditional organ building and organ sound
  • Institutions or individuals that render outstanding service for building, restoring or maintaining organs
  • Experts and laypersons who advocate the organ in spite of all sorts of obstacles
  • co-financing expert opinions in order to clarify if the preservation of an organ is worthwhile
Educational projects
  • courses and apprenticeships that support organ building or organ culture in general
  • projects for the apprenticeship of organists to lead the singing of the congregation professionally, to play appropriately on historic instruments or to handle organs professionally and with care
Musical projects
  • Musical events that foster organ music or joint singing with organ accompaniment at the highest standard
  • musicians who give a broader public an understanding of organ culture by high quality performances
Publicity projects
  • Institutions such as museums or individuals that support organ culture via information for a broad public and increase its awareness of what treasures it possesses
  • political and other public personalities who have advocated the organ or a certain organ project and thus have attracted attention to organ culture
  • institutions or individuals that have reached high positive publicity by advocating organ culture
Restrictions on sponsorenship

Contributions to the construction of new organs and restorations which do not follow to a high degree the stated superior standards of quality and publicity are excluded. Furthermore, cd productions are not supported.