About us

To bring into harmony what we hold dear

The name «Accordeos» was specially created for our foundation. The neologism is inspired by a term from music, the "chord". It denominates three or more notes that produce a harmonious sound when played at the same time. Therefore, it is also called a triad. Three in harmony - a perfect equivalent of the triple purpose of our foundation.

Our Sponsorship

The foundation pursues the following purposes with charitable services in private and public institutions and on projects in Switzerland and other countries:

  • sponsorship of projects which particularly address women and adolescents directed towards education, support for self-help and the struggle against poverty
  • sponsorship of organ building and organ culture
  • sponsorship of projects which aim to improve ecological sustainability
The concept of our logo

originates from the artist Gabriela Sieber-Trüeb. The graphic design was made by the graphic artist Peter Reichert. The logo symbolizes the connection between the lotus flower and the sunrise (Greek "eos", aurora) and emphasises the aspects of growing, prospering and ramifying. The strong presence of the three primary colours represents the triple purpose of the foundation.

The Significance of the foundation name

The second signification of «Accordeos» expresses in a wonderful way the importance of all three purposes of the foundation. Thus, the word chord derives inter alia from the Latin word «ad cordem» which means «leading to the heart». With all three directions of our Accordeos foundation we want to help to bring into harmony what we hold dear.

Legal information

The foundation was founded on 7th December 2007 and is under the control of the foundations supervision office of the federal department of the Interior in Bern. Tax exemption was accorded on 27th February 2008 by the revenue office of the Canton of Zurich. The domicile of the foundation was moved to Meggen, Canton of Lucerne, on 15th December 2017. The revenue office of the Canton of Lucerne has accorded Tax exemption by 15th December 2017, too.

Our team

Iris Utz-Huwiler, Meggen

Hotel manager and housewife,
president of the foundation council, management and department for women and adolescents

Katharina Merker-Voser, Ennetbaden/AG

Teacher, involved in the integration of young people, three adult children,
Member of the Foundation Board

Paolo Fuchs, Zürich/Engelberg

Architect and economist,
member of the foundation council
department for ecology

Ruth Haab, Meilen

Commercial clerk,

Meng und Partner Revisions AG, Baden

The members of the foundation council as well as the scretariate work voluntarily.